I'm new to World of Warcraft, having started playing in July 2020 during the final few months of the game's Battle for Azeroth expansion. My best friend, Alix, introduced me to the game and asked that I give it a shot. Now, over 480 hours later, it's become one of my favorite games to play with my friends.

My main character is Lyraesa of Silvermoon City, who you can see to the right. She is a blood elf hunter, and can usually be found mounted on her Lucid Nightmare, followed by her two unicorn friends, Firenze and Bane. She's a member of the Mythic raiding group, Crit Fail.

On stream, I play WoW every Thursday night as part of my Pally Pals series with AlixIsArt, where we're leveling a pair of human paladins through the BfA expansion. If you'd like to play with us, you can find us on the Sisters of Elune server!